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How to make a booking

How to Make a Booking

View our short video on how to make a booking online using our new online booking engine.
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Breakaway Travelclub Membership

Whenever you make a booking with Breakaway Travelclub, you must provide evidence that you work in the travel, tourism or hospitality industry.

Why do I need to verify?

Suppliers require proof that you are employed in the travel industry.

How do I verify?

Simply scan and upload a signed verification letter on your company letterhead online to your profile or email breakaway@travelclub.com.au or fax to us with your membership number. Letters will be kept for audit purposes.

When should I verify?

All industry bookings require you to provide a current letter of verification at the time of booking.

Verification and Online Bookings?

For online bookings you must provide us with your verification letter within 48 hours. We recommend that you remain verified at all times so that we can process your online bookings faster.

Verification letter wording examples?

Letters must be on company letterhead, need to be dated no older than 6 months and signed by a manager or Human Resources (HR). A sample letter can be found Here. Some suppliers also require the letter to state the employee’s position.

Verification letter period?

Between 3 to 6 months from the date on the letter, depending on the supplier.

Who signs a verification letter?

Your verification letter must be signed by your manager or someone from your Human Resources department with their contact details on the letter. You must NOT sign your own verification letter!

Verification letter checks?

We may contact your employer to verify the any proof of employment documents you provide

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